About Me

I am a down to earth person who believes in justice and the rule of law. I believe wholeheartedly that people should live in freedom and peace without interference from the Government or big state. I am opposed to lockdowns and other methods or control including censorship. I am a free speech advocate.

A businessman, entrepreneur and farmer I have been involved in business now for 25 years selling off much of what I started and focusing on land development and sustainable farming. A former director of the chamber of commerce I have supported business Locally and Nationally throughout my career. I have remained active within the business community and continue a presence on social media examining politics and the direction of matters of interest Nationally and Internationally.


A bit more about me

My work involved giving presentations and joint campaigns with Police forces Nationally while working with specialist units of policing including serious and organized crime, intelligence and counter terrorism. Campaigns included offering rewards for information leading to the successful prosecution of wrongdoers. Supporting Local Communities and building trust and encouraging people to report drug dealing and other associated crimes.

My journey into politics began when I joined the Conservative Party and was selected as a parliamentary candidate to fight in the General Election of 2010. I became increasingly disillusioned with the Conservative Party over their reluctance to deal with the issues facing Britain at the time. I was concerned about the lack of transparency and dictatorial nature of the EU commission.

I remained politically homeless until the launch of the Brexit Party in Coventry on the 12th April 2019. I went to the launch after joining and was quickly asked to attend a candidacy interview. I was accepted and fought in the European election that followed and was then accepted to stand for parliament in the December 2019 General Election in Barnsley East. Although unsuccessful in ousting the Labour MP her majority was reduced significantly by 10,000 votes and she clung on to her seat after the Conservatives split the votes.

I am married with four children and travel extensively in Britain. I have an interest in renewable and sustainable energy and farming using organic methods where pesticides are not used but actively use hedging, tree planting to sustain natural habitats for insect and bird species. I have had tremendous success using beehives situated close to crops and have had increased yields using natural pollinators.

My experience within the Brexit Party was a tremendous experience as I came into contact rather surprisingly with people from the left of politics. I found that those from the moderate left brought a huge amount into the discussion in relation to policy moving forward and made many friends who had come from the traditional Labour left. I have always been moderate and close to the centre slightly right leaning and found that those on the moderate left can work successfully with those on the moderate right.

I am a keen hill walker and have an avid interest in boxing and motorcycles being the owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. In my spare time I enjoy camping, nature and the great outdoors.